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Acid Buff

Pure rumen conditioning with bioavailable minerals. Acid Buff can be used in lactating or dry cows.
It is derived from marine algae and contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals.


It is highly effective as a rumen buffer and stabilises pH at optimum rumen pH over long periods. Acid Buff works in harmony with the animal’s natural endogenous system for buffering excess acid leading to a stable and productive rumen environment. A healthier rumen can lead to improved production parameters.

Designed For

Lactating Cows

Including Acid Buf in the diet will lead to:
• Better neutralisation of rumen acid
• Slow-release and longer-term rumen buffering
• Excellent source of bio-available minerals
• Improves fibre digestion
• Boosts milk yield and quality
• Reduces methane output and environmental pollution

Dry Cows

Including Acid Buf in the diet will lead to:
• DCAD (Dietary Cation, Anion Difference) neutral – allowing inclusion in dry cow diets
• Allows increased concentrate feeding close to calving
• Releases valuable calcium and magnesium to the cow
• Reduces the risk of metabolic disorders
• Conditions the rumen for lactation

Feed Rates

• During lactation – 50-80g/cow/day

• Dry cow transition – 40-50g/cow/day

• Beef – 30-50g/cow/day

Pack Size

25kg bags