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NWF Weekly Grass Watch

Averaging at 64kg DM/ha/day, grass growth has increased 7kg DM/ha/day compared to last week. The North East has again experienced the highest growth figures of 81 kg DM/ha/day, an increase of 3kg DM/ha/day compared to last week. Although the lowest grass growth figures are recorded in the South East at 47kg DM/ha/day, this is 10kg DM/ha/day increase compared to last week. The region which saw the biggest change was Yorkshire, an increase of 17kg DM/ha/day.

Grass growth is expected to at least be maintained, if not increase as the weather is forecasted to be warm with showers.
With grass flushes, the risk of grass staggers is heightened and continuing to monitor sward height is important to ensure optimal covers and to maintain grass quality.

Potential Milk Yield From Grazing has seen a decrease of 0.6 litres/day to M+11.27 litres/ day which is 5.54 litres/ day less than the average figure reported this time last year and the is below the 6-year average (M+13.65 litres/ day). This reduction could to a result of the continued decline in potential grass DM intakes- averaging at 11.57kg DM/day compared to last weeks 11.99kg DM/day.
48% of the samples received were from the West and Wales, with 23% from the North West. The North East and Yorkshire accounted for %5, which all highlights the importance of being caution when interpreting the data.

Heat Stress
A high risk of heat stress was indicated over the past week. The temperature-humidity index increased to around 76 which is only 3 points off the threshold for severe risk of heat stress. It is important to implement management practices to help reduce the risk of heat stress, as a decrease in milk production and reduce intakes can occur when animals are experiencing heat stress. Butterfat levels and reproductive function will also have a decremental impact from heat stress. Please see the table below for ways to help mitigate heat stress:

Heat Stress

Source: Trouw Nutrition GB.


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