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NWF Weekly Grass Watch – 30th September 2022

Grass Growth

Grass growth across GB has picked up this week to 36.4kg DM/ha/day, which is more like 2021 figures.
Regionally, grass growth has typically fallen for most regions. As we edge closer to winter, those farms still out at grass should continue to manage expectations of intakes from and adjust supplementation as required to meet animal requirements.

Following a good beginning to the 2022 growing season, the exceptional hot/dry conditions have left many homegrown forage stocks rather low, making it vital to extend forage stocks where possible. Some forage extending tips include:

• Analyse silage regularly, accurate analysis can help to monitor any changes in the forage before on farm issues occur.

• Replace a smaller percentage of forage throughout the winter to avoid needing to replace large amounts next spring.

Source:  Trouw Nutrition

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