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NWF Weekly Grass Watch – 28th September 2021

Grass Growth

Grass growth across GB has a daily average of 39.4kg DM/ha/day this week, a figure slightly lower than last week’s figure of 40.8kg DM/ha/day. Grass growth remains below the growth rates previously seen when compared to the 6 year and 2020 averages of 42 and 47kg DM/ha/day respectively. There are large variations between regions, with the East falling -11kg DM/ha/day to average the lowest daily growth rate of 23kg DM/ha/day. Meanwhile Scotland sees a 7kg DM/ha/day increase to the highest average figure of 54kg DM/ha/day.

Milk Yield from Grazing

Average MYFG has almost maintained this week, with an M+0.1litres/day increase from last week to an average M+0.9litres/day thanks to a slight increase in potential grass DMI (7.2 vs 7.4kg/day). This is greater than the 2020 average of M-0.66litres/day and 6 year average of M+0.6litres/day. Some regions once again received a small sample size. Therefore, improved accuracy in rationing and performance prediction would be achieved through individual farms analysing samples.

Sample conserved forages for winter

As we enter the tail end of the 2021 grazing season, and as the contribution of fresh grass towards milk production is minimal, feed advisers and producers are advised to ensure conserved forages are analysed for both their nutritional and mineral contents for optimally balanced winter diets. Accurate analysis will ensure you can get your winter diets and rations in order, for a seamless transition into the cooler months.

Source:  Trouw Nutrition

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