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NWF Weekly Grass Watch

Last week’s grass growth rates averaged 76.1kg DM/ha/day, an increase of 23.8kg DM/ha/day on the previous weeks figures. Thanks to increased rainfall and temperatures, the figures are now above the 6-year average for the first time in over a month.
All regions saw an improvement of at least 14kg DM/ha/day, but the North East had an increase from 49kg DM/ha/day to 90kg DM/ha/day.

Milk Yield from Grazing (MYFG)
Average MYFG has fallen this week to M+8.9 litres/day, as a result of reduced potential DMI (10.6 kg/day) and a drop in grass quality.
The sugar levels have also fallen from 14.2% DM to 13.2% DM, which explains the drop in ME to 11.7MJ/kg DM.

Managing Grass and Energy Supply
A large variation in grass quality can be seen this week, with ME as low as 10.5MJ/kg DM in some samples, which subsequently affects potential MYFG. For accuracy in rationing, farms should look to have pasture analysed with buffer feeding optimised, to support the energy content of rations as well as DMI where reduced.
Good grassland management also works to optimise grazing quality. This may include the monitoring of sward heights to ensure target entry and residual covers are achieved, managing rotation lengths, paddocks within a rotation and stocking densities.

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