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NWF Weekly Grass Watch – 23rd September 2022

Grass Growth

GB has seen an improvement in grass growth this week to average 40.1kg DM/ha/day, which is a figure close to the 6-year average and greater than growth seen this time last year. Regionally, Yorkshire saw the greatest increase in grass growth by +13kg DM/ha/day totally an average of 36kg DM/ha/day. Meanwhile Scotland and the East Midlands saw falls of -9 and -7kg DM/ha/day to average 42 and 37kg DM/ha/day, respectively. With grass growth is increasing, please consider magnesium supplementation. Early Autumn grass flushes can cause problems with grass staggers, and it is vital magnesium supplementation is offered to ensure a smooth transition between seasons. It is also important to look towards cover targets with, where grass growth expectations are not met it is important to adjust rations to ensure intakes are met and reduce pressure on the field which can impact grass availability in the following year.

Milk Yield from Grazing

MYFG has seen a drop to average negative figures this week to average M-2.4litres/day. This means that average energy supply from grass is not enough to meet maintenance requirements and additional supplementation will be required. Drops in average MYFG are typical of this time of year and can be as a result of decreased potential DMI and seasonal variations in energy availability from grass. Based on the average figures, our concentrate feeding suggestions are as follows:

For moderate grass intakes of 12.5kg DM/day on full time grazing an extra 4.7kg of concentrate at 11.5MJ/kg DM is recommended to achieve M+25.

For moderate grass intakes of 6.5kg DM/day on daytime grazing, alongside 6kg DM/day of silage, an extra 5kg of concentrate at 11.5MJ/kg DM is recommended to achieve M+25.

Source:  Trouw Nutrition

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