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Trouw Nutrition GB GrassWatch – 28 June 2019

Average grass growth across GB this week has remained consistent with the previous week averaging 68kg DM/ha, compared to the same period last year is 30kg DM/ha higher due to the favourable weather conditions.

Variation in grass growth rate changes dependent on region, ranging from a decline of 48kg DM/ha in the North East and an increase of 11kg DM/ha in Scotland. Potential milk yield from grazing has increased this week by 4.98kg/day to M+16.21 litres. Although the dry matter, crude protein and estimated ME of fresh grass has dropped slightly this week, the potential grass dry matter intake has increased by 2.48kg/day.

Temperature and humidity levels have meant a mild risk of heat stress has remained across the country, except for Scotland where the risk of heat stress has been high. With the heatwave forecast this weekend, it will be important to monitor the herd for signs of heat stress and make appropriate management decisions.

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