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Give your calves the best start

Trouw Nutrition LifeStart accredited calf milk replacers (CMR) ensure the nutritional and physical parameters satisfy calf requirements, providing you with the confidence that they are safe to feed at an elevated level. This enables you to capture long term performance benefits by optimising the development of the calf. The ingredients used, and the processing technology applied, ensures that the finished product optimises digestibility to the calf as well and solubility ensuring stability in the solution.

Selecting the correct milk replacer is even more important now than ever to hit the long term performance targets of modern high genetic merit calves and we must ask the right questions to understand different specifications of the calf milk replacers available. There can be significant variation in CMR specifications on the market and although sometimes creating confusion for the customer, it does at least ensure that there is a product available to match the objectives and required price point of all calf rearing systems. Calves are most feed efficient on milk replacer as opposed to calf starter feed, so managing the feed curve is important to get both growth from milk and weaning down on enough starter. When selecting your calf milk replacer, careful consideration should be taken on product type, overall digestibility of the protein and energy, as well as the appropriate feeding scheme on farm – working with your NWF youngstock specialist and vet will ensure all information can be collected and considered to support an informed decision.

Calf Performance and CMR

The balance between digestible energy and high-quality protein sources provides the nutrients required for calves to grow, develop, and achieve performance targets. When reviewing calf milk replacer specification and feed curves, it is important to consider nutrient intake.
LifeStart Science by Trouw Nutrition continues to push the frontiers of calf nutrition research in order to support farmers with calf milk replacer products that optimise calf and heifer performance.


Feed highly digestible and well formulated calf milk replacers supplied by NWF Agriculture to:
• Enhance Feed Conversion efficiency
• Exploit genetic potential
• Optmise DLWG
• Achieve ideal development
• Promote resilience to disease/ and longevity

Please call your NWF Sales Specialist or read more on NWF milk replacers HERE

Thank you to Trouw Nutrition for their contribution.

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