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Feeding Maize

Beef finishing diets based on maize silage are proven to show animals can perform above 1.5kg of daily liveweight gain. Top performing cattle are taken from 120kg to 620kg in 326 days. For optimum gains it is essential that the diet is balanced for protein and mineral content. Your local NWF feed specialist can assist you with this.

Maize silage feed characteristics

  • High energy, high starch
  • Cattle and sheep adapt to it easily in rations
  • Palatable
  • Consistent feed value

Low protein content so should be fed with reasonably high-protein feeds The digestibility of maize remains fairly consistent throughout the growing season. As the crop matures, the quality of stem and leaf declines, but this is offset by the increase in grain in the cob, which is highly digestible and high in starch. This is why harvesting at the correct stage is essential to maximise nutritional value. There are a number of situations when the use of silage additives may help feed quality, therefore, at harvest consider using NWF Sila-Guard Maize additive.

For further information, please speak to your local NWF Sales Specialist or call 0800 756 2787.

By NWF Forage Specialist, Jonathan Jackson.

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