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Beef Compounds

NWF Beef Diets

Profitable beef production depends on maximising growth rates and carcase composition at all stages of the production cycle from the calf through to the finished animal. Whatever your production system, NWF beef compounds can help you get the best from your animals.

Our range of beef feeds are designed to fit specific situations and do specific jobs.

NWF Calf Pellets
•  A high-quality starter pellet that is suitable from birth until weaning. Calf Pellets contains NWF Progress Plus, a comprehensive mineral and additive package.

NWF Super Rearer Nuts
•  A specialist rearer diet to maintain a high growth rate post weaning. The diet will complement a straw or silage-based diet. Available in 18% or 16% protein.

NWF Vital Rearer Nuts
•  A cost-effective rearing nut to compliment a straw or silage-based diet. Available in a variety of protein percentages.

Super Grower
•  A balanced 15% protein diet suitable for both growing and finishing, especially in early maturing breeds where a higher protein and slightly lower starch is needed for finishing.
*Also available with yeast at Wardle and Longtown.

Pedigree Beef
•  An intensive beef finisher diet, high in barley that helps promote growth.
*Only available from Wardle and Longtown.

Intensive Beef
•  An intensive beef finisher diet, high in barley that helps promote growth. Available with and without yeast.
*Only available from Wixland.

Goldstar Beef Plus
•  A 14% high energy maize based finisher diet containing yeast.
*Only available from Wixland.

Beef Concentrate
•  A urea-based concentrate designed to be mixed with cereal on farm at 3:1 or 4:1 to meet the desired protein for animals over 3 months of age. Contains triple minerals and yeast.

For more information on NWF Beef Compounds or Blends, speak to your local NWF Sales Specialist, or keep up to date with our latest Beef bulletins online.

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Non-GM Diets

If you require specific non GM diets we are able to supply:

  • Super Grower Nuts
  • Pedigree Beef Nuts
  • Super 34 Concentrate Pellets

For further information on NWF Beef feeds please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF FAR Sales Specialist.

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