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Beef Compounds

Profitable beef production depends on maximising growth rates and carcase composition at all stages of the production cycle from the calf through to the finished animal. Whatever your production system, NWF beef compounds can help you get the best from your animals.

To constantly supply the correct product we need to understand the market you are supplying, suggest the best animals and systems for these markets, and then produce optimal rations to deliver cost- effective feed conversion to give maximum returns based on the EUROP carcass classification, boost fertility and maintain health.

NWF Beef Diets

Our range of beef feeds are designed to fit specific situations and do specific jobs.

Animal Forage type Cake (Kg) Intake Guidelines Beef Compound
B+W Bull (200Kg) Growing Straw 5-6 Adlib 15-17 CP DM Super Rearer 16
<20 S+S Vital Rearer 16
B+W Bull (400Kg) Finishing Straw 10-12 Adlib 12-15 CP DM Gold star Beef 14
>33 S+S Pedigree  Beef 13
Continental Steers (200Kg) Growing Grass Silage 2-3 restrict 15-17 CP DM Prime Beef 14
<20 S+S
Continental Steers (400Kg) Finishing Grass Silage 8-10 Adlib 12-15 CP DM Gold star Beef 14
>33 S+S Pedigree  Beef 13
Continental Heifer (200Kg) Growing Grass Silage 1.5-2 restrict 15-17 CP DM Prime Beef 14
<20 S+S
Continental Heifer (400Kg) Finishing Grass Silage 6-8 restrict 12-15 CP DM Gold star Beef 14
>33 S+S Pedigree Beef 13
All round grower ration Grass/ Variable Super Grower (also available with Yea-Sacc ?)
Maize silage
Own cereal available on farm Grass/ Variable To achieve sufficient ration protein levels Hypro Mixer Nuts
Maize silage Super 34 Concentrate Pellet


If you require specific non GM diets we are able to supply:

  • Super Grower Nuts
  • Pedigree Beef Nuts
  • Super 34 Concentrate Pellets

For further information on NWF Beef feeds please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF FAR Sales Specialist.

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