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Why Use Molasses?

There are numerous reasons to use a molasses, NWF Agriculture asked ED&F Man Commercial Manager Danielle Goatley to explain why.

  • Improve Forage/Fibre Digestion: Forage is the major component of ruminant rations and key to effective rations. It is well known that adding a molasses blend to livestock rations improved fibre digestion. New research commissioned by ED&F Man has further highlighted this benefit and will be published later this year.
  • Help Manage Silage Stocks: Livestock farmers have had to deal with a shortage of forage this winter. Many have also seen how using a molasses blend can allow the effective use of straw to make up the forage shortfall while maintaining performance cost effectively,
  • Improve Rumen Fermentation: Effective rumen fermentation is vital to maximise livestock performance. Adding a high sugar molasses blend stimulates rumen function and leads to more extensive digestion and better nutrient utilisation.
  • Effective Magnesium Supplementation at Turn Out: Spring turn out can be a challenging time for livestock especially dairy and suckler cows who have a high demand for magnesium. Magnesium needs to be supplied daily and adding it to a molasses blend is the ideal way to help reduce the risk of grass staggers/hypomagnesemia. The sugars in the molasses blend mask the bitter taste of the magnesium and improved magnesium absorption from the diet.
  • Product Range: ED&F Man, in partnership with NWF Agriculture, can offer a wide range of molasses blends to suit all livestock and to fit in with different dietary needs. From high sugar Standard Molasses and Stockmol 20 to high protein options such as Regumaize 44 & Regupro 50 as well as ration balancers such as Molale.
  • Flexible Feeding Options: Molasses blends can be fed in a number of ways including part of a TMR, top dressed over feed or through one of ED&F Man lick feeders. ED&F Man molasses blends are typically available in delivery sizes from 1000 litres to 29mts. Storage options are available including the tank finance scheme which avoids any upfront costs.

NWF Molasses Product Range Overview


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