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NWF Ultra Intensive Dairy

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A highly productive grazing ryegrass mixture that will give season long quality forage


• Very late heading dense leafy mixture
• Large “window” to cut 70+D silage
• Exceptionally versatile, suitable for both cutting and grazing
• Produces a dense, productive ley, for high quality grazing
• Including quality white clovers CRUSADER and BARBLANCA contributes both protein and minerals, to ensure maximum performance from the grazing animal
• New variety GRACEHILL is an excellent all-round performer right across the growing season, producing superb annual yields of high digestibility grass under both grazing and silage management along with extremely high metabolizable energy (ME) yields per hectare

Designed For

• Intensive production from grazing a highly palatable, very digestible ley
• Creating a tight persistent sward that is highly resistant to poaching
• Season long grazing from early spring to late autumn


• Ultra Intensive Dairy produces a dense leafy sward that is easily managed
• The use of late heading varieties means that production is always of the highest quality
• The varieties used have been selected for their persistence as well as their palatability and mid-season digestibility to produce a long lasting, productive sward


2kg DRUMBO Late Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)
2kg YOUPI Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
3kg GRACEHILL Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
3kg GLENARM Late Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)
3kg BALLINTOY Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
1kg PROTA WHITE White Clover Blend

Sward Management

This ley was initially designed as a dairy paddock grazing mixture, but has been cut and grazed very successfully on all types of farms. Tight heading date grouping make it easily manageable and reduces the need for topping. Grass growth from this mix stays in front of the cows not ahead. This means cows are always grazing optimum quality grass. Cut at first ear emergence, in late May, this ley will produce grass of 70+D.

Pack Size

14kg per acre, 1,705 seeds/m²