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NWF Ultra High-Pro Red

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An outstanding high yielding high protein cutting ley


• Highly productive two-three year high protein ley
• The red clover both fixes nitrogen and gives a high protein feed
• Suitable for both hay and silage production
• High sugar production from grass
• The most profitable legume/grass mixture for silage production

Designed For

• High protein forage production
• Two or three cuts can be followed by high quality, productive autumn grazing
• Long production season, grows early spring to late autumn


• A highly productive, high protein cutting ley, giving the maximum quantity and quality
• Ideal for those looking to produce home grown protein crops, red clover has a protein content of between 16 and 20%
• Red clover/grass silage is highly palatable, giving increased intakes
• Prota Red is a new unique mixture of red clovers. The blend of varieties balances production through the growing season, while maintaining excellent persistency and disease resistance


2kg BARMULTRA II Italian Ryegrass (TET)
5kg KIRIAL Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
3kg BANNFOOT Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
3kg PROTA RED Red Clover Blend

Sward Management

Needs to be sown in spring or by early September to allow the clover to establish well enough to survive the winter. A first cut in the middle of May will produce 70D + silage, with a second cut seven to eight weeks later. The first cut will tend to be more grass with red clover being the larger part of the later cuts.

Pack Size

13kg per acre, 1,060 seeds/m²