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A cost-effective, high quality rumen protected fat for ruminants. High in energy and availability, this saturated fat is protected from rumen breakdown and will help improve the performance of all high performing ruminant animals by meeting the energy demands which cannot be met using standard feeds.


As a high energy protected fat it provides energy to high performing ruminants at the site they require it. Uniquely protected, the fat does not affect rumen function, bypassing it for digestion in the lower gut. Nutrients are therefore provided to the point of demand, essential for high yielding dairy cows, beef animals and lactating ewes.


• Improved peak and lactation yields
• Improved cow condition
• Improved fertility
• Reduced risk of acidosis and ketosis
• Reduced culling rates


This product should be incorporated in TMR and home mix diets and fed to response

Feed Rates

• Dairy Cows Up to 500g depending on performance, cow condition and stage of lactation
• Beef Up to 300g
• Sheep Up to 200g