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Butterfat Extra

Butterfat Extra is a rumen protected fat extremely rich in energy and C16 fatty acids to boost milk production and milk fat content.


Farmers that are introduced to Butterfat Extra for the first time and are not currently feeding any other protected fats have often reported improvements of up to 0.5%. Clearly it does depend on the initial level of butterfat what response is seen but 0.25-0.3% improvement is commonplace.


• Pure 99% vegetable fat derived from non GM palm oil in prill form
• High level of rumen bypass but also high absorption in the small intestine
• Improves cow health by minimising incidence of ketosis plus weight and body condition loss in early lactation
• High palatability, no soapy taste or smell
• Very high energy content, 36.5MJ/kg DM, ideal for high yielding cows in early lactation
• Stimulates milk yield and milk content


Butterfat Extra contains C16 fats and can be fed as part of a TMR, top dressed or as part of a blend.

Feed Rates

• Dairy Cows typically 200-500g