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After Maize – Fast Grass

Delivering a high quality grass crop after maize has been harvested


• Very quick establishment
• Rapid growth at cool temperatures
• Flexibility of duration with 12, 18 or 24-month production
• Can be established after a spring cereal harvest

Designed For

• Ability to germinate at lower temperatures than conventional leys
• Safe sowing throughout October
• Ability to establish faster and better than other leys, even in adverse conditions of cold wet seedbed


• Using the concept of ‘germination energy’ a faster-established rate of 20% above the average ryegrass is acheived
• Over winter grazing
• Stability of soils over winter – reducing soil erosion of runoff
• Gives an early silage cut in spring enabling entry back into Maize/Cereals.


12.5kg ABYS Italian Ryegrass (DIP)
8.75kg BANNFOOT Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
3.75kg SEAGOE Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

Sward Management

Over winter grazing will produce a dense sward with full potential for an early silage cut in spring

Pack Size

12.5kg per acre packed in 25kg bags