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Dairy Compounds

Today’s high yielding dairy cow requires precise feeding to ensure that yield and milk quality are optimised, that she gets back in calf quickly and that she has minimal health problems during lactation. She then needs to be prepared for the next lactation.

Dairy compounds continue to offer significant advantages to farmers whether you:

  • operate a simple system based on compound as the only supplement to forage
  • use out of parlour feeders to target specific cows
  • feed a small amount to supplement a TMR diet.

Whether compounds are the principle concentrate fed or the fine-tuning of the diet you will find an ideal feed in our range which all include a range of energy and protein sources, specifically formulated to target milk contract benefits (such as constituents, or yield).  All compounds include a full complement of carefully balanced supplementary minerals and vitamins to meet cow requirement *when fed at sufficient volumes.

Our FAR feed specialists are trained and equipped to ration your cows to help them to express their full potential in order to meet your business targets.  We offer a comprehensive range of technical services and our team are Master Cow Signal Trainers can review your herd reading cow behaviour to identify areas for improvement in their surroundings or routine.





NWF Winter Diets


A high-quality diet formulated with protected proteins and good fibre levels to promote milk quality.


An optimum energy level diet containing protected fat, high in glucogenic precursors from a range of energy sources. Suitable for high yielding cows where the emphasis is on maximising yield, quality, fertility and health.


A tried and tested high fibre diet formulated to support milk protein and fat production.

Gold Standard

A good value for money maize-based diet, with high levels of digestible fibre to help support milk production.


A fully mineralised, high fibre diet that balances energy and protein.

For the transition period the NWF Transition Cow Program has been formulated to actively tackle the key areas responsible for a healthy and productive transition period.  NWF Drytime has been re-formulated to balance both high straw and high silage dry cow diets. Using the latest research, Drytime contains key ingredients to focus attention on specific areas that can yield maximum returns. DOWNLOAD the NWF Transition Cow Leaflet for more on NWF DryTime and Reashure.

NWF Sustain Dairy Feed Range

As part of the NFU’s goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across the whole of Agriculture in England and Wales by 2040, NWF Agriculture has and will continue to introduce steps to manage and reduce our carbon footprint through improving efficiencies, raw material sourcing, renewables, manufacturing processes and more.

As an industry that utilises by-products to produce food for a growing population, the agricultural sector already has strong sustainable credentials. Every stakeholder has a role play in further improving agriculture’s position. NWF Agriculture; as a carbon contributor and as a feed manufacturer, our activity can start with the best possible feed options.

The NWF Sustain Dairy feed range does not contain soya, soya hulls or palm kernel and instead is formulated using Ultra Pro-R, a unique protected rapeseed meal to ensure the nutritional make-up is not compromised. NWF Agriculture can offer Triple S and RTRS Mass Balance certified soya should milk buyers/retailers require.

NWF Dairy Sustain

• Available at 16% and 18% protein.

• A high energy feed with good glucogenic nutrients to support milk product and early lactation.

NWF HDF Sustain

• Available at 16% and 18% protein.

• High fibre compound with quality ingredients formulated to balance high starch or grazing diets. Ideal for systems requiring high milk fats.

NWF Sustain Pro

To provide nutritional, economical and sustainable solutions to UK farmers, NWF has formulated a high level of protected feeds compound to support topflight, high performing herds.

• High by-pass protein to help achieve an efficient and cost effect diet, particularly for early lactation and high yielding cows.

• Rumen health is key to achieving feed utilisation, reducing the rate of ‘quick fizz’ in the rumen can help prevent rumen pH drop.

• Available at 18% protein. Composed of 30% protected feeds, formulated to provide outstanding nutrition without the use of soya, soya hulls and palm kernal. Sustain Pro 18 contains high levels of Ultra Pro-R and Ultra Starch-W to ensure high levels of bypass protein and starch to support high performing cows.

For more information on the NWF Sustain range, speak to your local NWF Sales Specialist, or download a copy of our Dairy Sustain Feed Range.

For further information on NWF Dairy Feeds please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF FAR Sales Specialist.

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