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Weekly Grass Update W/E 22nd March

The AHDB’s Forage for Knowledge has highlighted that conditions are still varied across the country with an average daily growth rate at 9.7kg DM/ha, falling behind last year’s reports of rates averaging at 25kg DM/ha.

Forage for Knowledge contributors are regularly walking, and where conditions are allowing, trying to graze the driest fields as silage stock are begins to run low. There have been reports of on-off grazing being implemented where possible.

When planning fertiliser applications and when conditions allow, it is key to note which fields are the driest to avoid making a mess. With levels of soil moisture being high, it is key to take into consideration the risk of nitrate leaching, particularly where more rain is forecasted. Application rate and product type used must be taken into consideration when planning and applying.

Below shows the current data from the AHDB, highlighting that grass DM ranges from around 15% up to 26%. Grass ME ranges are similar across region, with grass protein ranging from around 17% in the Powys region up to around 27% in Dumfriesshire.

For more information on NWF Grass Seeds, please view our latest grass seeds leaflet HERE.

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