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Time to Reseed Pastures

Now is the perfect time to walk grassland and assess what’s going on and consider whether a reseed or oversees is needed.

Identify poor performing and damaged fields by using the Barenbrug Good Grass Guide which is a simple grass condition scoring tool.  This tool helps to make decisions on improving poor swards and maximising productivity from highly performing fields.  The free guide also has space for field records.

Ryegrasses are 100% efficient in their use of nitrogen and a sward containing 50% unproductive weed grasses is only 30% efficient! This means that 70% of any nitrogen applied is wasted!

The average cost of a full reseed is around £650 per hectare, but the potential production from increasing average productivity by even 20% more than covers the cost. Reseeding, when done properly and with attention to detail, will provide a huge return on investment.

Future-proofing your forage by investing in a reseed is the only way to improve productivity and resilience to adverse weather patterns and rising input costs. Production from grassland will be even more important over the coming months. Remember to also take soil samples to check soil pH, P & K indices and correct any deficiencies, contact NWF Agriculture for soil sample kits and order a free Grass & Forage Seed Guide.

For further information on our grass range or to place an order, please get in touch with your local NWF Sales Specialist or call 01829 797 100.

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