Technical Services

NWF offers a wide range of Technical Services to help livestock farmers. We provide our customers with a unique laboratory service, to help develop and sustain the correct diet for your individual herds. NWF sales representatives work alongside farmers and our in-house nutritionists to develop tailored diets using our quality feed range. Our aim is to maximise herd health and output.

At our head office in Cheshire we operate a state of the art laboratory to analyse:
• Fresh grass
• Silage – grass, maize, whole crop
• Haylage
FREE analysis for NWF customers with results processed within 24hrs* of receipt of sample.(*48hrs during peak season)
NWF Agriculture conforms to the Forage Analysis Assurance Scheme.

As livestock dietary requirements become more complex and the aim to maximize herd health becomes of increasing importance, NWF is also able to offer a Mineral Analysis service to identify any areas for improvement, results from which our nutritionists are able to advise and develop for individual herd requirements.  Click here to view the NWF UltraMin range.

The range of Technical Services available from NWF include:
• Dairy Costings
• Ration Planning
• Diet Sieving
• Dung Sieving
• Forage Analysis
• Clamp Capacities
• Body Condition Score Monitor
• Rumen Health Check
• Fertility Check
• Udder Health Check
• Dry Cow Check
• Mineral Analysis
• Interherd Report using NMR and CIS Data
• Heifer Rearing Calculator
• Youngstock Growth Monitor
• Soil Analysis
• Water Testing
Click link to download flyer
NWF Technical Services Flyer‏ A5P WEB.pdf

The NWF sales team includes Certified Master Cow Signal Trainers providing advice on the six signs of freedom.  Click here for information on Cow Signals and which members of the team are certified.

The NWF Sales Specialists are all registered as FAR Feed Advisers.  Contact your local NWF Sales Specialist or call 0800 756 2787 for details of the NWF Technical Services.