Forage Analysis

The foundation of effective ration planning is an understanding of the feed value of forages. We offer a full Forage Analysis Service from our on-site laboratory at Wardle which is maintained and quality assured by Trouw Nutrition.

We provide our customers with a unique laboratory service, to help develop and sustain the correct diet for your individual herds. NWF sales representaitves work alongside farmers and our in-house nutritionists to develop tailored diets using our quality feed range. Our aim is to maximise herd health and output.


We provide a forage analysis service for Fresh Grass, Grass Silage, Maize, Whole-crop and Hay and Haylage, and aim to have fully comprehensive results in the hands of our customers within 24 hours of the sample being taken. To assure you of the quality of our results, NWF Agriculture conforms to the Forage Analysis Assurance scheme.


As livestock dietary requirements become more complex and the aim to maximize herd health becomes of increasing importance, NWF are also able to offer a Mineral Analysis service for both soil and forage to identify any areas for improvement, results from which our nutritionists are able to advise and develop for individual herd requirements.