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Why are protected feeds needed in your diet?

Diets are formulated in different stages with different considerations depending on farmers specific requirements. However, in all cases, nutrient levels are balanced where possible to achieve a cost-effective ration whilst achieving a high level of rumen health/function.

To achieve this, NWF feed advisors are highly trained in ration formulation using the latest in ration modelling to ensure diets are balanced effectively. An important example is protein, where by efficient rations achieve low overall crude protein and a high level of by-pass (microbial) protein which is produced from a functioning rumen. However, there is rarely enough by-pass protein produced and it, therefore, needs to be supplemented through the diet, particularly for higher or peak yielding cows.

NWF use a protection method where-by protein is protected from rumen break down and passes through the rumen and released in the intestine more efficiently. This enables farmers to feed lower overall crude protein whilst still applying the optimum levels of by-pass protein to achieve higher milk yields and get cows to peak.

Ultra Pro R
As a rumen-protected rapeseed meal, Ultra Pro R offers a viable alternative to soyabean meal by delivering 40% more by-pass protein. This can be particularly useful in balancing grazing diets, where cows still require by-pass protein supplementation but need very little additional rumen degradable protein.

Ultra Soy
Using the same protection method as Ultra Pro R, Ultra Soy is a protected soyabean meal offering more than double the level of by-pass protein to the hind gut. This can help farmers achieve peak yields whilst keeping costs down on rumen degradable protein. Ultra Soy has also been trialled on pre-lambing ewes resulting in lower concentrate use and cost whilst increasing ewe health and reducing lamb losses.

Ultra Starch W
NWF’s unique protection process also allows protection of starch, therefore allowing farmers to feed higher rates of Wheat (as UltraStarch W) whilst reducing the risk of excess rumen fermentation and therefore acidosis.

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