Protected Fats

The range of NWF Protected Fats have been developed to help lactating cows that require energy for milk production, reproduction and growth.  If insufficient energy is provided the cow will lose unacceptable amounts of weight compromising milk yield and fertility.  This can also lead to risk of metabolic disorders such as ketosis and acidosis.

Protected fats are one of the richest sources of energy for the lactating dairy cow.  Fat has a 250% higher energy value than the carbohydrates provided by cereals and forages.  They represent the best opportunity for fulfilling the huge energy demands of todays high yielding dairy cows.


•Improved peak and lactation yields
•Improved milk solids – butterfat and protein
•Improved cow condition
•Improved fertility
•Reduced risk of acidosis and ketosis
•Reduced culling rates


A cost effective way of increasing the energy density of ruminant diets.  This product should be incorporated into TMR and home mix diets.

Dry Matter        97%
Protein              0%
Oil                    85%
ME                   34 MJ/kg/DM


A cost effective way of maintaining and improving butterfat production, as well as increasing the energy density of the diet.  This product should be mixed thoroughly in TMR or home mix diets and fed to response.  The product is typically fed in the first 150 days of lactation to aid butterfat production.  It is designed only to be fed to dairy cows and can be fed at up to 500 grams per day, depending on milk contracts.

Dry Matter        100%
Protein                 0%
Oil                    100%
C16                  85-90%
ME                   36.5 MJ/kg/DM

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