Cell Shield®

A complement to vitamin E in all NWF Dairy Compounds and featured in the new NWF Summer Grazing Mineral.  Cell Shield® is a powerful antioxidant designed to help dairy farmers optimise production and cattle health.

Cell Shield® supports and regenerates vitamin E within the cow’s system, helping improve immune response.  This can help reduce somatic cell counts as well as the risk and severity of mastitis and other infections.  High yielding cows inevitably have increased cell breakdown and higher levels of damaging free radicals as a result.  Antioxidants are critical in tackling free radical damage and Cell Shield® works on an intracellular level to achieve this.

Best practice for healthy cows
– Powerful antioxidant in its own right
– Supports and regenerates vitamin E
– Improves immunity
– Proven by 10 years of research

– Reduced Somatic cell counts
– Improved fertility
– Helps reduce risk of all infections

For further information on maintaining a good antioxidant balance for your dairy herd contact your local NWF Sales Specialist or call 0800 756 2787