Fertiliser Blends

NWF has a comprehensive range of standard formulation and bespoke blended fertilisers. Whether you need a regular blend or a product tailored to your particular circumstances, you can be assured of exceptional quality if you choose NWF blends:

– Contains only top quality components for consistent analysis
– Size matched particles ensure even mixing and prevent segregation after mixing
– Oil coated particles guarantee minimal dust and even flow when spreading. Also helps protect the fertiliser from lumping due to moisture
– Blended in a modern facility in the UK

Blended fertilisers are suitable for all grassland applications as well as other forages and arable crops. For balanced crop nutrition in grazing applications, choose from:

– 25-5-5
– 27-6-6
– 20-10-10

 For optimum yields in cutting fields, options include:

– 24-0-15
– 24-0-14 with 7.5% sulphur

 All blends are supplied in 600kg bags.

Call your local NWF Sales Specialist or 01829 797109 for standard or bespoke fertiliser grades and latest fertiliser prices.