Ammonium Nitrate

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We supply a range of high quality Ammonium Nitrate, offering a nationwide delivery.


34%N a highly reliable and consistent straight Nitrogen fertiliser, ideal for use on grassland and arable systems throughout the growing season.

ZAKsan 32%N – Ammonium Nitrate

A new new product to the NWF fertiliser range – Zaksan ® (ammonium nitrate (AN )). Zaksan ® 32%N is manufactured in Poland by Grupa Azoty and will shortly be available to the UK agricultural market.

To meet the expectations and suggestions of the UK customer, Grupa Azoty decided to change the name known for years in Poland ‘ Ammonium nitrate (AN )’, to a simpler and easier name to remember Zaksan ®. Zaksan ® (Ammonium nitrate (AN )),is a product of the highest quality.

Application of ZAKsan
With the correct spreader settings Zaksan® can achieve widths of up to bouts of 36 metres.

Product Description
Granular Fertiliser, uniform granules of colour from white to beige. Granule size of 2-5mm are not less than 95% by weight of the fertiliser. Bulk density: 0.98 – 1.0kg / dm3. Zaksan ® (ammonium nitrate)with the addition of (filler) dolomite flour containing calcium and magnesium The fertilizer contains 32% nitrogen (N) including in the form of nitrate nitrogen16% and 16% in the form of ammonia nitrogen.

Cost Effective Solution
Zaksan® is a cost effective alternative to the quality end of the market and for farmers that want to spread to bouts of 42 metres. Available in 500kg bags