Sheep Compounds

All our ewe and lamb feeds are developed to combine the correct levels of energy and protein with appropriate levels of minerals and vitamins to optimise ewe performance and milk yield, lamb growth rates and sheep health.


Champion Ewe
• A high energy density feed specifically formulated for intensive or early lamb production
• Raw materials including protected fat and high quality by-pass protein are carefully selected to ensure optimal quality
• Available as a 6mm nut.

Classic Ewe
• Our tried and tested high energy feed
• Balanced energy and protein sources ensure a steady, even flow of nutrients to the ewe throughout a 24 hour feeding cycle
• Available as a 6mm nut.

Premium Ewe & Prime Ewe Rolls
• Ideal for all classes of ewe
• Sets the standard for quality and reliability for all hill and upland flocks
• Available as a 6mm nut.

Ewetrition Rolls
• Nutrient dense, high dry matter roll based on high quality raw materials
• A balanced source of rumen energy and protein promoting rumen stability and health.
• Available as a 12mm roll/nugget.

Ultra Soy Sheep Nuts
NWF offer a high DUP feed specially formulated in conjunction with SACs sheep specialist Dr John Vipond.  The Ultra Soy Sheep Nuts have been designed for feeding at a rate of between 100g-150g/day.  If complementing with UltraMin Sheep GP four weeks before lambing a feed range of 15g/day should be fed. Feed quantities are saved because of the higher level of protein which bypasses the rumen for absorption in the small intestine, silage quality and good ewe condition pre lambing are essential if farmers choose to feed this roll.


NWF Agriculture lamb diets are designed to optimise lamb growth rates and health by combining the correct levels of energy and protein sources with the appropriate inclusion of minerals and vitamins. Our lamb feeds include a vitamin and mineral pack to help prevent disease and promote good growth rates.

Fast Lamb
• Suitable for use as a starter diet
• Contains high quality, balanced energy sources to boost live weight gain
• Enables early marketing of lambs
• Available as a 3mm pellet.

Super Lamb
• Promotes a good, fast finish on store lambs allowing flexibility in marketing
• Can be fed ad lib with straw or restricted in conjunction with forage or roots
• Available as a 6mm nut.

Lamb Gain
• Promotes a good finish and keeps lambs dry under foot
• Contains SBP, and a wide range of energy and protein sources
• Suitable all year round for young lambs or hoggets.

Lamb Pro
• Highly palatable lamb diet suitable for growing lambs
• A cost effective lamb diet

Prime Lamb 14
• Economical diet for finishing lamb at grass

For further information on NWF Sheep feeds please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF FAR Sales Specialist.