NWF Blends are specially formulated to meet the demands of livestock farms, supporting high performance and optimum rumen health while complementing a wide range of home grown forages. Whatever your system we have a blend to suit.

Top quality production
Our goal is nutritionally sound, consistent feeds. All our blends contain high quality and traceable raw materials. They are produced to the highest quality and are accurately measured to ensure consistent, well-mixed feeds.

Innovative ingredients
Our blends can contain a range of innovative protected ingredients exclusive to NWF. Our Ultra Pro R and Ultra Soy protected proteins and our Ultra Starch W starch ensure excellent rumen health while supplying a superior superior nutrients.

NWF blends are a cost-effective feed in any system allowing a range of ingredients to be fed. Feeding a blend is far simpler and more accurate than feeding straights, saving time, ensuring a more consistent diet and saving money being tied up in stocks of straights.

Standard formulations or individually tailored while we offer an extensive range of standard blends, we can also offer blends tailored to your requirements, perhaps to suit a particular combination of forages or to include particular ingredients. We will work with you to develop the best blend possible.

Technical support and service
Our national team of feed specialists can develop the most cost-effective diet for your herd using our Nutriopt rationing system. In addition they have access to a range of technical support services. You want to focus on managing your animals, not worrying about the practicalities of buying feed. Our customer services team, based at Wardle, will ensure blends are delivered when you need them and that all parts of our service are prompt and efficient.

Production Sites
Our blend plants located at Longtown in Cumbria, Brayton in Cumbria, Bilsborrow in Lancashire, Wardle in Cheshire and Wixland in Devon are strategically located nationwide to reduce haulage costs onto farm. Along with our considerable buying power this means the cost savings we achieve can be be passed onto our customers, ensuring our prices remain competitive.