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NWF Ultra Milk Green

A British skimmed milk based product, ideal to promote early bloom and a healthy-looking calf, suited for many systems, particularly those selling stock at a young age.


• Fibosel- an active ß-glucan that supports a calf’s innate immunity (a form of defence mechanism) to combat challenging conditions whilst safeguarding performance.
• Butyrate- stimulates growth and enhances performance in young calves.
• Acidified- Lowers milk replacer pH which in turn reduces the risk of harmful bacteria proliferation in the milk. Acidified milk replacer can be fed to support an ideal intestinal pH to encourage ‘good’ bacteria to proliferate in the Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT).
• Contains flavouring to encourage intakes.


Suitable for all beef & dairy breeds, home bred or market purchased.

Feed Rates

Standard performance:
• 125g of milk replacer /litre. Feed at least twice a day at 38-39˚C.
Enhanced performance (metabolic programming):
• 150g of milk replacer /litre. Feed at least twice a day at 38-39˚C.

For daily intakes please refer to the feeding instructions card.

In cold weather (below 10˚C) feed an additional 100g of milk replacer daily per 5 ˚C e.g. at 5 ˚C feed an additional 100g, at 0 ˚C feed an additional 200g.