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NWF Weekly Grass Watch

Averaging at 69kg DM/ha/day, +5kg DM/ha/day compared to last week, this week’s grass growth reflects the favourable weather conditions. It is also 4kg DM/ha/day greater than the same period in 2019. The North West saw the highest growth in grass of 76kg DM/ha/day which is 4kg higher than last week’s figures. The lowest figures were seen in the North East, averaging at 57kg DM/ha/day, -24kg DM/ha/ day on the week. The biggest increase in growth rates was seen in the East, of 22kg DM/ha/day.For the coming week, grass growth rates are expected to continue with the weather favourable weather being forecasted.

Milk Yield from Grazing (MYFG)
Compared to last week’s M+11.57 litres/day, this week’s figure is -0.56 litres/ day to 11.01kg litres/day. A factor which influences this is the grass’s dry matter (DM). This week’s DM is 17% which is 0.35% lower than last weeks and lower than 2019’s average, of 18.39, for this period. A significant variation on DM is caused by the weather, where high rainfall will cause a reduction in DM concentrations. The highest potential MYFG at M+17.1 litres/ day was recorded in Scotland, with the lowest recording in the North East and Yorkshire at M+6.9 litres/day.
*The lab at Trouw has seen an increase in samples from Wales and West accounting for 70% of the total sample pool. 4% of the total samples were from the North East and Yorkshire, highlighting the need for caution when interpreting these figures.

Growing Cattle

Target growth rates for growing cattle should be at least 1kg/day. Enough DM should be available for cattle to achieve targets, and assuming there are no restrictions, this week:
• From grazing, a 200kg animal has the potential growth rate from grass of 0.6kg/day.
• To achieve the 1kg target, it is estimated 1kg/ day extra concentrate it required.
To maintain grass quality and the subsequent effect on animal performance, monitor sward heights. This will also help with ensuring optimal covers and grassland planning.

Source: Trouw Nutrition GB.

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