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NWF Weekly Grass Watch – 21st June 2021

Grass Growth

Grass growth rates have decreased by 10kg DM/ha/day, to average 72.3kg DM/ha/day, as a result of less favourable growing conditions. Apart from the North-East and the East, all other regions saw a decline in grass growth. The West Midlands and East Midlands saw the largest fall of 19kg DM/ha/day and 18kg DM/ha/day, respectively. Despite these falls in grass growth, the weeks average remains above the 6-year average of 59kg DM/ha/day and the 2020 average of 38kg DM/ha/day.

Milk Yield from Grazing (MYFG)

Average MYFG has fallen to M+11.2litres/day, 4lires/day lower than the previous weeks figure of M+15.2litres/day. This is below the 2020 average of M+13.6litres/day, yet higher than the 6-year average of M+11.9litres/day. The decline can be attributed to a reduced averaged potential grass dry matter intake, of 1.2kg/day. Despite having the highest figure in the previous week, the East has fallen to the lowest average MYFG figure of M+8.5litres/day, although this is from a relatively small sample size.

Grass Quality

The metabolisable energy content of grass has dropped to 11.0MJ/kg DM, which corresponds to the fall in sugar content to 11.7% DM from 11.9% DM. Grass energy content can be controlled by maintaining swards with high perennial ryegrass content, but equally important is good grassland management.

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Source: Trouw Nutrition

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