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NWF Weekly Grass Watch – 14th June 2021

Grass Growth
Average daily grass growth rates have remained high, at 82.3kg DM/ha/day. This is considerably higher than last years average of 40kg DM/ha/day for the same period. The biggest fall in grass growth was in Scotland with a drop of 6kg DM/ha/day. The West Midlands, Wales and Yorkshire saw average increases in growth rate of 5kg DM/ha/day.
If the weather continues to be warm and dry, grass growth rates may start to decline as the grass becomes more heat stressed.

Milk Yield from Grazing (MYFG)
Average MYFG continued to rise this week to M+15.1 litres/day, which is above the 6-year average of M+13.9 litres/day. Once again potential grass dry matter intake has increased by 1kg/day to an average of 13.6kg/day DM.
The highest potential MYFG figure was seen in the East, which averaged M+23.3 litres/day. In comparison, the North-East and Yorkshire had the lowest average MYFG figure at M+8.6 litres/day.

Continued Heat Stress Risk
The risk of heat stress remained high last week, with some regions averaging a temperature humidity index of 69.
With temperatures expected to remain above average, ensure management strategies are implemented to reduce the risk of heat stress, such as ad-lib fresh drinking water, access to shade, and properly balanced rations.

Growing Cattle
Target growth rates at grass for growing cattle should be at least 1kg/day with minimal supplementation required. Reported potential growth from grazing where no restrictions are applied assumes animals receive adequate dry matter.
As an example, for this week, a 200kg animal has a potential growth rate from grazing of 0.6kg/day. To achieve a target growth rate of 1kg of DLWG, an additional 1kg/day of concentrate is estimated to be required.

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Source:  Trouw Nutrition

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