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NWF Weekly Grass Watch – 13th August 2021

Grass Growth

Average daily GB grass growth has increased to 51.6kg DM/ha/day, a figure similar to the 6-year average of 52kg DM/ha/day but above the 2020 average of 44kg DM/ha/day. The majority of regions saw a relatively small increase in daily grass growth rates, with Scotland and the South experiencing the greatest increases of 7kg DM/ha/day. However, the East remained constant at 51kg DM/ha/day.

Milk Yield from Grazing (MYFG)

Average MYFG averaged M+4.7litres/day, a figure that remains lower than the 2020 average of M+5.78litres/day and the 6-year average of M+6.33litres/day for the same period.
The decline in average potential MYFG can be attributed in part to the fall in potential grass DMI from 9.7kg/day to 8.8kg/day, but also because of a considerable drop in grass sugar levels from 8.6% DM to 6.4% DM. It is important to highlight the relatively small sample size received from all regions, with no samples received from the East. Therefore, individual farms are encouraged to submit samples for improved rationing accuracy.

Grass Quality

As predicted, average sugar levels have continued fall, reaching 6.4% DM. Crude protein (CP) levels have continued to rise to an average of 24.4% DM. As a result, the ratio of CP to sugars has deviated from the optimised 2:1 and nitrogen use efficiency in the rumen is compromised. Therefore, NFEPB has risen to 86.1g/kg DM and NFEPB milk loss has increased from 0.3litres/day to 0.6litres/day.
Regionally Scotland saw the lowest and highest sugar and CP values, which are further reflected in the NFEPB milk loss value of 1.5litres/day. However, this is from a small sample size and individual farms should look to analyse for accuracy..

Source:  Trouw Nutrition

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