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NWF Weekly Grass Watch

28th August 2020

Grass Growth
Grass growth across Great Britain averaged at 54kg DM/ha/day, which is +10kg DM/ha/day on the week and 6kg DM/ha/day greater than the same period for last year. The highest growth rates were seen in the North West at 64kg DM/ha/day, whilst Yorkshire saw the lowest rates at 40kg DM/ha/day. The largest increase in grass growth was recorded in the East Midlands, with an increase of 29kg DM/ha/day, when compared to the previous week.
Milk Yield from Grazing (MYFG)
MYFG has risen this week to M+5.48 litres/day, an increase of M+1.58 on last week’s figures. The rise could be attributed to the 0.98kg DM/day increase in potential dry matter intake from grazing because of the improved weather. The highest potential MYFG was recorded in the East at M+16.4 litres/day, whilst Scotland saw the lowest figures at M+1.0 litres/day.
*The lab at Trouw received a limited number of samples this week, with a large skew in the reginal samples received. The North East & Yorkshire each only accounted for only 7% of the total samples. This highlights the need for caution when interpreting these figures. Submission of individual farm samples is encouraged to improve accuracy of the data and reduce regional skews.
Growing Cattle
Typically, grazing quality begins to decline during late summer and therefore it is important to ensure growing and finishing cattle diets are balanced for energy and protein, optimising lean frame growth and fat cover. Whilst the metabolisable energy (ME) content of grazing this week remains high (11.47 MJ/kg DM), crude protein (CP) has declined from 26.4% last week, to 23.5% this week.
For growing cattle diets, the target ME and CP are 10.5-11.4 MJ/kg DM and 15-17% DM and for finishing cattle diets, a target ME greater than 12.2 MJ/kg DM and CP at 12-15% DM. Target growth rates should be at least 1kg/day.
Measuring grass growth to ensure that there is adequate DM available to cattle is key to achieving performance.

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NWF Weekly Grass Watch

19th August 2020

For the 6th consecutive week, grass growth across Great Britain has declined. Averaging at 42kg DM/ha/day, it is 2kg DM/ha/day below last week’s figures and 9kg DM/ha/day lower than the same period last year. The largest decline was recorded in the West Midlands, where grass growth decreased by 15kg DM/ha/day. Whilst the lowest average growth rate was recorded in the North East, at 24kg DM/ha/day. Scotland saw the highest growth rates, averaging at 69kg DM/ha/day, an increase of 6kg DM/ha/day.

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NWF Weekly Grass Watch

10th August 2020

Grass growth across Great Britain has declined for the 5th consecutive week, averaging 44kg DM/ha/day, which is 7kg DM/ha/day less than last week. Compared to the same period in 2019, grass growth is 12kg DM/ha/day lower. The largest decline was recorded in the East Midlands, with a decrease of 14kg DM/ha/day. The South East growth rates remained equal to last week, averaging at 35kg DM/ha/day. The highest growth rates were recorded in Scotland which averages 63kg DM/ha/day, whereas the lowest growth rates were recorded in the North East with an average of 26kg DM/ha/day.

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