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The importance of early life nutrition in lambs

26th January 2021

The importance of early life nutrition in lambs is a crucial element that must be prioritised to maximise lamb growth and health. For the past 40 years, mortality in small ruminants has stayed the same, with various studies from different countries reporting that 10-35% of lambs die within the first 6 months of life (Yapi et al., 1990, Chaarani et al., 1991, Green & Morgan 1993, Nash et al., 1996). This has an impact on global lamb production and raises welfare considerations. In the UK, the estimated neonatal lamb mortality is 10% (Binns et al., 2002).

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Mycotoxin and Endotoxin Outlook Winter 2020

9th December 2020

Farmers and nutritionists are being warned to keep a lookout for signs of contamination in diets this winter. Sampling from Alltech and AB Vista suggests that a large proportion (46-56%) of total mixed rations, using spring/summer silage have a moderate to high mycotoxin risk. This is likely to present a range of challenges to farmers which will ultimately impact the profitability of the herd from reduced productivity and performance. It is important to be aware of the types of mycotoxins which will impact ruminants and it is just as important to be aware of the mycotoxin binder/ de-activators on the market; a simple clay binder will not remove a mycotoxin such as DON.

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Calf hygiene is vital for health

22nd October 2020

It is misguided to think that calves will not build up enough immunity if calf housing is “too clean”.  Like with most mammals, immunity is built up over time and does not excuse filthy pens and unforgiving environments.

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