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Cold Calf Strategy

During the winter months when temperatures are below 15°C, a cold calf strategy to ensure performance is supported should be considered. This is due to the fact the calf needs to use more energy to maintain body temperature and support bodily function in temperatures below 15°C. If the increased energy requirement is not met, we risk decreased growth rates as well as the potential for a compromised immune system.

The best way to meet the increase in energy requirement is to increase the volume of milk or milk replacer fed by increasing the number of litres fed. Another way to mitigate the cooler weather is calf jackets, these much be good quality, breathable and clean, and put onto dry calves, as wet hair cannot insulate the calf.

Colostrum is also key. Due to its role in passive immunity transfer and nutrient supply, colostrum feeding helps to increase tolerance to cold exposure.

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