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Milk Powder

The NWF Calf Milk range is formulated to provide outstanding nutrition using only quality, traceable ingredients. Protimax, a specific blend of proteins ensures calves are protected from the challenges they face including Rotavirus, salmonella adn E-coli. Contains sunfloweroil, proven to be more digestible than soya oil.

NWF Ultra Milk Blue

The only premium whey based milk powder produced to a set recipe and not least cost formulation - your assurance of quality and performance. Contains 50% whey powder to promote rumen development and early intakes of dry feeds while reducing scours. Contains Protimax and added vitamins.

NWF Ultra Milk Yellow

The first choice for farmers wanting a skimmed milk product with the benefits of Protimax. Contains 50% skimmed milk powder and high casein content helps reduce digestive upsets. Encourages high intakes and growth rates combined with excellent coat bloom.

NWF Fok Select

The cost effective whey based milk general purpose powder. Contains 35% whey for a sweet tasting and palatable feed. Promotes good digestive health and encourages dry feed consumption so weaned animals continue to thrive.

For further information on the NWF calf milk replacers or to enquire about lamb milk replacer call us on 01829 262382 for prices and product specification.


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